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Top Five Questions to Ask an Assisted Living Facility #3


All this week we are taking a look at what the five essential questions to ask when evaluating an assisted living facility are. Today, we address question number three: Who is really going to be living here?

"Adult children must keep in mind that they are moving their parent into this setting, not themselves," said Janice Williams, Vice President of Matrix Home Care and a licensed Assisted Living Administrator. "Therefore when looking at the facility, an adult child must think - would my parent like the dining room, common areas and the activity calendar?"

When evaluating the activity calendar, Williams encourages the adult children to keep in mind that it will be the parents living in that apartment and participating in community activities. Your loved one may be leaving the facility on fewer occasions as time goes on, so having activities there that fit into how they normally spend their time will make the transition easier. "If your mother is an avid library person, and you find out that there's no library facility in the building, that's not going to work," says Williams.

While there may be no facility that fits perfectly into your loved one's personality type, it is important to find the best match possible. Carol White, author of Live Your Road Trip Dream and President of Carol White Marketing Maven and RLI Press President, experienced this when she was placing her own mother, who quickly became frustrated with her facility. White explained the frustration was not because the facility was a poor fit, but simply stemmed from her loss of independence. She projected that frustration onto the facility itself. "She is in the finest facility in the entire state - this place has won all kinds of awards and is gorgeous. Our ex-governor lives there. The staff is caring and compassionate. It is my Mother that is the problem.

"It is a big change, and if your parent is fighting change, fighting getting old, etc., it may be that nothing will make them happy," said White. "Sometimes it is us who has to adjust our attitudes, not the parent."

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