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A company with a vision seen through personal experience

“If you want to make a difference and you believe in what you stand for, believe that your model will truly take home care to the next level, you have to move forward with passion and let others judge if you are what you say you are.”

– Pernille Ostberg
Home caregiver wearing a facemask while assisting a senior woman walking with a mobility walker during the COVID-19 pandemic

Home Health Care

Simply put, we treat each home care client like a family member. We focus all of our initiatives on primary efforts that positively effect patient outcomes. We utilize our ServiceMatrix? to integrate deliverables like pharmacy, equipment, therapies, and other services. We prepare a care plan that encourages self-reliance and a return to maximum comfort and independence.

At Matrix, we recognize the dynamics of change and are sensitive to individual needs. The Matrix Home Care team identifies needs, prepares a care plan centered around enhancing life, and makes full use of our relationship-centered services to accomplish this goal: To help our home care patients enjoy the familiar surroundings of home and comfort of family and not have to be rehospitalized.

Our Primary focus is sensitivity.

Independent Senior Services

It is natural for our elderly to desire independence. To help, we assess functional abilities and evaluate Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) to determine levels at which a client can function.

We assess balance, gait and other factors to assure safety, and provide a non-diagnostic mental assessment to evaluate special needs. Matrix then provides coordination of care and professional caregivers.

Our Primary goal is to help the elderly enjoy a more independent lifestyle.

A nurse helps a man on an adult walker in a nursing home.

Disability Management

Our Primary Disability Management goal is to not overstay our welcome. We understand the need to provide outcome-driven care to expedite recovery so the injured employee can quickly return to work.

Effectiveness means quickly assessing needs and aggressively coordinating care. We provide attendant care, wound care and care for complex trauma injuries. We know the importance of providing a bridge from home to outpatient therapies in a timely manner.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive review to assist you with your yearly assessments. Further, we can help by providing updated care plans.

Our Primary focus is cost containment achieved by providing effective, outcome-driven care.