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May 2015 – Remembering Holly Bedgio, RN

Matrix Home Care remembers and honors – Holly Bedgio, RN – who passed away on May 18, 2010.

Holly Bedgio, RN, loved her family, the nursing profession and the Matrix Home Care team. Known for her warm smile, keen mind, upbeat spirit and caring heart. May 18 marked the fifth year of Holly’s passing.

Holly had been a key executive at Matrix since 2004, served as director of clinical operations/risk management. Her nursing experience included dementia, geriatric and wound care, intravenous therapy, and critical care/emergency room care. Holly wrote and published several specialty nursing policy and procedure manuals covering long-term care and in-home services.

A noted “medical detective” who worked closely with attorneys on numerous accident, injury and malpractice cases, Holly became a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC) in 1999 and served as 2010 president of the South Florida Chapter of the Association of Legal Nurse Consultants. “For me, reviewing a case for medical malpractice is like reading a great mystery novel,” she said at the time. “You never know what you’re going to find on the next page.” The association promotes the professional advancement of registered nurses by providing educational and networking opportunities to those who serve in a consulting and expert capacity in the legal arena.

Even today, the Matrix organization still feels Holly’s absence, said President and CEO of Matrix Home Care, Pernille Ostberg. “She was a true professional — an amazing and very special person.”

Special Memories of Holly

I remember her smile the most and that her favorite color to wear was red. She could tell you a story that would take longer than it should because you could not stop laughing! She loved her family, travel and her friends. Her birthday was in December and she was truly a “Holly” Christmas person.
Janice Williams
Vice President, Matrix Home Care

Holly meant a great deal to me. It has been 5 years since her passing, and it still feels like yesterday she was sitting across from me twirling that bright hair of hers around her finger. She had an infectious smile and she loved hard. After having my second daughter Holly couldn’t wait until I brought her in. She plopped my little one right on her chest and talked to her until she fell asleep. Holly truly cared about people and would go out of her way to help. She is always missed and loved.
Tammy Dillard, Matrix Home Care

Holly was the first one who introduced me to the world of Bobby Brown and Trish McEvoy makeup. During one of our jaunts after our Legal Nurse Consulting conferences we were all in San Francisco when Holly got the idea that I needed to experience the joys of the make-over. We all proceeded to file in the store and Holly, Lisa, and Nancy explained to the sales clerk that I had not ever had this experience. When I walked out of the store with a bag full of makeup and my own little planner I was hooked.
Tina K. Hunter, MHA, BSN, RN
Huron Healthcare, Chicago Illinois

Having you around at least for a while made me learn that people can love people even if it happened just because of a smile. I miss the time we shared during our journey together but be assured that in my heart – you are there forever!
Luanny Fiallo, Miami Branch Administrator, Matrix Home Care

Holly Bedgio was a very special lady to many people that knew and loved her. Her professional resume was very impressive but as a person, her personality and demeanor were even more captivating. Holly recruited me in 2008 and little did I know that 7 years later, I would be sitting in her chair trying to follow in her footsteps within the Matrix Home Care family. When dealing with difficult situations, I frequently ask myself “How would Holly deal with this?” She was always so focused in leading her staff to portray the company’s mission and I have made that my duty in her memory.
Hilda M. Vega, RN, Matrix Home Care

There are so many things that I remember about Holly….some of her attributes were her genuineness, wisdom, satirical sense of humor, mysticism and her inner outer beauty. I knew Holly from my past life at Catholic Hospice, Inc. where she contributed her expertise in nursing and grew in her career.At Matrix, we developed a mutual bond of friendship and trust. We were like a married couple, sort of the “Lucy and Ricky” of Matrix and I platonically became her “work husband.” Instead of saying “Lucy I’m home!,” she’d say “Dr. Alex where is your Time Sheet?” LOVE YOU ALWAYS ANGEL, Holly Bedgio!
Dr. Alex Fiuza
Director of Client Services for Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, Matrix Home Care

I can’t think of Holly without that hole in my heart aching….Miss her still and forever. She always researched our girl trips, and made sure every trip had the best spa experience. We were nearly kicked out of some of the nicest spas, because we’d get to laughing so hard in the “quiet areas to relax”. Holly had more “you can’t make this up” stories that had you bend double with laughter, tears rolling down your face…She’s telling God those stories…
Lisa Stranz Widdicombe, RN, CRNI, South Central Area Clinical Director, Walgreen’s